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Do Car Accidents Affect Your Insurance Rate?

Short answer: Rates don’t always go up, but sometimes they do…and here is why;


Just as rates may not rise after a minor…


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Lamborghini Huracan Test Drive

Driving a Lamborghini in Los Angeles CA

Lamborghini is one of the world’s most famous sports-cars and was first brought to the industry in 1963. It was the…


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STOP! Before You Buy HIDs Online : Read Here

Good thing you found this post.  Most people just search for "Your Car + HID lights" online and choose the cheapest product.  But, you're smart... you actually care about your car as an investment and want to make sure it's not going to catch on fire, or some other disaster.

You're probably looking for hids because you heard they were super bright, but there are other things you need to know first.

When shopping for HIDs online, you need to look for these key…


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Avant Garde's New Bespoke Series

Kicking off 2015, Avant Garde Wheels has released so many new wheels that I want to take time to highlight their much anticipated Bespoke series.  Launching this program with their two new flagship designs, the Avant Garde…


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HID Laws in Ohio

HID Laws in Ohio - Headlights Ohio

HID or Xenon headlights are popular aftermarket lighting parts for vehicles across the United States. However, there are certain states that have laws which either restrict or actually bar the use of HID lights. Laws on traffic safety fall within the purview of local authorities and the states, although the federal government does have some guidelines.

For those who live in the state of…


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Modlyfe Feature: Another Level Car show


Another Level Car Show, has become the biggest car gathering in the midwest, not only a car show, but also a charity providing support and donations to Boomshell Bullies and Northern Illinois Food Bank. Hosted previously at a local Palatine IL garage parking lot. The show had outgrown its place of birth. facing many obstacles, finding a…


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House of HID giveaway!! :)

would like these for a 90 Nissan Pickup

thanks for the opportunity

Julian H.

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GIVEAWAY: HouseofHID Headlight Kit



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BF Xenon HID's Beat the Competitor

Check out our review on HID's. In this post, we did a comparison between BF Xenon, an HID supplier and stock conventional headlights. 

BF Xenon HID review

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Common HID Light Problems and How to Fix them

HID Common Issues & FAQ

What if my HID bulbs keep flickering and making a clicking noise?

1. Make sure the HID bulbs have been connected to the ballasts correctly and are secure.

2. Check that your plug-in…


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Better Automotive Lighting

I would like to introduce you to the Better Automotive Lighting blog - if you are interested in learning more about new LED, HID and Halogen lighting products, trends and technology in the automotive market, then visit the site and subscribe!

Each week new posts are put up to either showcase a new product available,…


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Hennessey Performance Transforms McLaren MP4-12C from Mild to Wild with HPE800 Twin Turbo

Our friends at Hennesy Performance a Texas-based automotive tuning company, Hennessey Performance (HPE), has set their sights on taking the new McLaren MP4-12C to a higher level of performance. Today the company is introducing their HPE800 Twin Turbo concept for the 12C. The HPE800 Twin Turbo will include upgrades to the powertrain designed to reliably increase power to over 800 bhp. HPE will also add a more aggressive aero package to the vehicle in order to increase downforce. The…


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February Photographer of the Month: imagezbybrianphotography

"Im a photographer and visual artist looking to change the world through my images and inspiring YOU. 


"think forward, i'm on that next. image is everything."

i am a lifestyle photographer.

the images i capture represent the world through my eyes.

i do not have a specific field of…


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January Photographer of the Month: Violet Mae Studios

Violet Mae||Studios, a Denver, CO based photography studio established by Scott Newell.

Violet Mae||Studios specializes in Automotive, portrait, fashion, engagement, couples and senior photography.

Special thanks to Violet Mae Studios for this months …


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Gumball 3000 Route Announcement: USA/Canade

2012 Gumball 3000 Rally



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Holiday Sale from BFxenon HID headlights

Happy Holidays from BFxenon! In honor of another year of growth, we would like to offer all our supporters a 25% coupon code good for any BFxenon HID light order!

This year we aim to do more kits than ever before and we are…


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The most contarted GTR in the history of contartedness (yes we made that word up, why?)

Contardness...Take it all in. By Ronnie Renaldi. 

source: …


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Facebook Fan Page

Hey all, I have a automotive photography fan page that is free to join! Please "like" me!

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We need a photographer in So Cal!


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TheAutoMod T-Shirts are now available!

Sign Up today to be eligible to Win a Free T-Shirt from!

One members will be offered T-Shirts!!






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