New Mustang Owner?  Here Are Your First 3 Mods   


If you’re anything like me, you opted to buy the base model Mustang with the intention of making it your own.  And by that, I mean NOT spending thousands of dollars more for factory/dealership upgrades.  I’m an enthusiast… I like to choose my style, get my hands dirty, and really get to know my car.  And truth be told, just because I customize it once, doesn’t mean I’m done.  I’ve been known to go through 3-4 set of wheels, various interior styling options, and multiple exterior themes.


Because there are millions of aftermarket options for the Ford Mustang, I wanted to throw a quick list together of my top 3 Mustang mods.  If you don’t have a Mustang, but are looking for some words of advice from a veteran modifier, here is my starting formula: Wheels + Suspension + HIDs.


The wheel/tire combo plus suspension take a stock car and turn it into a street machine.  The lower ride height enhances the body lines and the wheels and tires offer an aggressive look to a car with some big fender wells.  Fill those gaps, hug those turns, and turn those heads. 


My third component is HIDs because, unless you have factory HIDs, those yellow ass headlights look old and retarded.  Make your car look new, crisp, and clean while improving your nighttime driving performance by adding this $150 mod.  


When modifying your Ford Mustang, Start Here:


Step 1) Ford Mustang Replica Wheels if you’re going for a factory look/performance without paying the dealership prices!


Step 2) Suspension: Look = Coils   or  Performance = Coil-Overs

Mustang Lowering Springs

Mustang Coil Overs



Step 3) Mustang HID Headlights – Go with 6000k for a pure white color

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